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  • admin says:

    Do you have frequent tip blockages when spraying ?
    Airless, Air Assisted Airless ?
    The solution could be the filters you are using.
    Remove your filters, pickup filter on the paint pickup tube, high pressure main filter and gun filter.
    Clean them the best you can then inspect them for ANY damage, splits or crush signs. Replace if any damage is seen. Put filters back and try again. If tip blockages continue then you will need to go down in filter mesh sizes to stop the bits reaching the tip and blocking it.. Small tip means finer filtration is required.

  • admin says:

    We would like to thank Graham Fillary for his kind comments on email when he purchased his new ASI Precision 5 HVLP Turbine , he said:-

    “Hi Nigel

    I would just like to say a big thank you for all your help and advice in purchasing the precision 5 sprayer! The digital control makes it so easy to use.
    I’m amazed at the speed of painting and drying times, also feel that I have many years of backup and support from you guys.

    All the best

    Graham and Zoe”

  • admin says:

    Apollo Precision 5
    We have recently had some customers asking why their HVLP keeps going into Idle mode?
    For our Precision 5 users, we are pleased to inform you that this is quite normal if the trigger of the gun is depressed for periods of time exceeding 34 seconds, or the unit is left running without the user spraying. This is the Throttle Back Control built into the electronics board and is there to prevent premature motor wear or potential overheating.
    The sprayer should operate the system using the on/off trigger method.

  • Robbi Morton says:

    I’ve purchased a Precision 5 Stage Variable ratio HVLP Turbine which compliment the Atomizer Gun and because of the variable pressure setting I can use any product on any surface in any setting and get a completely professional finish. I can’t recommend these products enough as well as the support & service provided by Nigel & Pete at Total coating Systems.

  • Robbi Morton says:

    After a great demonstration from Nigel @ TCS I’ve bought 2 of these guns and several needle set ups, and they have transformed the finish quality previously obtained many times over. The atomization and delivery of product to surface is amazing and there is very little if any dry spotting or over spray which means no remedial work, less product used for more profit, no stress and happy customers.

  • Ian says:

    Thank you I will try and reduce the needle and nozzle size, I usually do run the turbine before commencing anyway.

  • Ian says:

    I am very new to spraying therefore being self taught I spend a lot of time experimenting. I am spraying a spirit based (shellac) primer onto kitchen cabinet doors,Im using an apollo PS1500 Turbine with an HVLP Gravity feed gun, my question is which size nozzle and needle would you recommend? Im currently using 1.3 nozzle but still getting a lot of orange peel.

    • admin says:

      If you are getting a lot of orange peel then this is usually down to incorrect atomisation. The paint particles are not atomizing small enough. You can generally combat this in a couple of ways, adding a little solvent/spirit to the coating to make it finer and easier to atomize , reduce the needle, nozzle and air-cap size so less product is available to be atomised or increase your air pressure which will atomize more but as a side effect, will create more over-spray.
      Since you have a fixed pressure and air volume from the PS1500, your option is to go to a 1mm needle and nozzle set which I believe comes complete with the Air-cap for that model of HVLP Turbine.
      It will also help the coating to flow out if you maintain an ambient temperature of about 20’c.

      I would recommend you allow the turbine to warm up for a minute or so to ensure you are starting with warmed air.

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